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I love the name Aaliyah.I think Aaliyah is a butiful name.


I love the name Aaliyah, it reminds me of the late r&b singer Aaliyah.

Aaliyah Bryant

I love that name because its mine

Aaliyah Longden

Hahaha, thats my name :)


I love that song by Aaliyah. And I've had numerous plpeoe do that to me where they'd act like we were long lost friends who'd been BFF's since birth, and I'm not the kind of person who thinks it's cool to do that. If I see someone I never particularly had much of a friendship/relationship with on a random Tuesday evening, I'm NOT going to act like I'm all excited to see them when, in blunt truth, I'm not.


can I have her I will tack care of her I will feed her play with her and give her love.


hahha, i love my name. aaliyah is a beautiful name and its mine(:


I LOVE the name Aaliyah because my best friends name is Aaliyah and we act like were sisters


i love that name it is actually a hawiian name! And is my name.

Aaliyah G

I love the name Aaliyah because its mine and I was named after the r&b singer Aaliyah. :-)

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