• Meaning of Adah: Beautiful. Ornament.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Hebrew
Average: 3.1 (352 votes)



well i just got a hamster and she is so pretty my whole family has like zoos in their house and i think ill name my hamster Adah which means beutiful in hebru.

betty pyle

its cute and ima name mi kitten this name


-oh im going to name my puppy th4is name


I found this name over a year ago and loved it. I named my hedgehog Adah and it fits her more and more every day, she's the most beautiful hedgehog I've ever seen.


Its a cool and cute name:) I was looking for a good name because i got a stuffed puppy but i wanted to name it and its a hunting dog with pink antlers and that name matches it perfectly:) :) :) Thank You for anyone who came up with that great name:)

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