• Meaning of Ashley: From the ash tree grove: Meadow of ash trees. An English surname.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: English
Average: 3.7 (121 votes)



I thik it is the best name ever. I think it should have five stars insted of one. If you want to know why it is because i love the name.


I love the name Ashley.Its beautiful,elegant,soft,kind,and I just LOVE the fact that it means Ash tree's!!!!!Though my fav. tree is the Japanese maple.


I love the name ashley, especially for a cute little bird :D


ashley is the BEST NAME serisly is.. -_-


I love the name ashley bacause i like is spelt i love just everything about like the meaning of it and its just so elegant well and of course its my name


I love the name Ashley!! I will be naming my female maltipoo Ashley Kaitlyn. I already have a male maltipoo Bayley Caleb. I agree the name Ashley should have gotten 5 stars!!


i am gowing to call my pet hamster ashley i love the name its a beautiful name i give 5 stars


ashley is a beatuful name i dont no a beter name to name comes close to ashley. ashley is an awesome name.


well i am looking for a sheep name cuz i show them and we got the sheep from a gye named robert ashley ummmm so not helpfull thanks for your wonderfull ideas sorry i could not use the name


Ashley is the best name ever. Hands down.


Ashley is a great name for a gray/black cat, male or female

Emily hope dare

Ashley is a lovely name I really love this name.

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