• Meaning of Bayard: Auburn-haired. Bayard was a sixteenth-century French knight and national hero renowned for valor and purity of heart.
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: French
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Oh,wow! Thanks for the lovely words, Dawn And thkans Lil and Selena! I'm always a big fan of hot men, and I must admit I'm completely in love with my cover too!Maura, I promise to bring my NUT necklace to EPICon! How can I not? LOL! Although we may have to do some sort of necklace change every hour with all the jewelry I'm either bringing or getting down there, LOL! Hmmm were-badger? That has possibilities! You better be writing for me!!


Jade better be bningirg her NUT necklace to Epicon cause she can tell that story too!And I have no blame at starting her on a new hobby ..I haven't read Horsfall yet I'm working on the next bit of our co-authored story I owe her back! She'll hurt me otherwise! Or turn me into a were-badger or something!*runs away laughing*

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