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I love the name Bugsy!
I have an ah-dorable fish named bugsy!


I have a terrier named bugsy cause he is so small and cute :)


The name "Bugsy" was a term used by gangsters in the early part of the last century. It refers to the first person to jump in during an attack or fight. It can also mean the one most likely to fight.

I have a female chihuahua named Bugsy, who resembles a miniture German Shepard. She is very vocal and just beautiful. I didn't choose her name. The people at the rescue center did. Bugsy gets my other two older chi's excited, then they all run to attack, even if it's just the neighbors heater going on down stairs. They are so much fun to watch.


My miniature pincher female' s name is Bugsy (bed-bug, lady-bug, etc) perfect name for her as the name meaning is someone who burrows or is nuts. And she is both. She loves to give us bug-hugs!


Bugsie is a wonderful name for a little male dog filled with energy and devotion


My fun-loving Bugsy is a jack russel kelpie cross and evrryone loves him. He has the ability to sing.... and in harmony with me! Eccentric? Yep!! We both are. He's adorable at 9.

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