• Meaning of Charlotte: Tiny and feminine. Also feminine of Charles meaning manly
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: French
Average: 4.2 (112 votes)



just bought a rat yesterday, named her charlotte lol


It's my name so i love it . Its not weitd or spelt different it is a lovley name for a girl and people should spell it right all the time they should'nt have to ask how to spell it.


I'm getting a chinchilla soon & I was thinking about nameing her Charlotte or Charli . I can't choose


Thank you Sherry for naming your rat Charlotte. Three weeks ago I lost my hairless rat Charlotte I miss her dearly my son called her char-char for short. Enjoy her rats are great pets


My friend's name is Charlotte and I really want a bunny. If I get to have one, I might name it Charlotte.I think it's a cute name. :)

sillybilly :|

ding dingy dinger donk diddle doo poo poo smeely peel deely whhel like


Haha my name :)

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