• Meaning of Clementine: Clemency: mercy. Clemence was the mythological Roman goddess of pity.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: French
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I love this name. I knew the song as a child and never forgot it. I like unusuall names and when I was breeding the one pup I kept from my dame and sire was gona be named this. It is just close to my


My dog who recently passed away was named Belle She was named after the disney movie Beauty And The Beast.she was one really great dog who I will miss a great deal. I thinl clementine is a cute name I


It Cute but dont know if i shoild use it


I'm going to name my cow this name.


I'm getting a Laptop Lunch for my seistr to bring to work! Also, I finally went to my local DAISO store today!!! They had a lot of bento supplies, but not as much as I had hoped. Think I'll be ordering soon, as I also have been eying those leaf picks!


im going to name my cat this name!... maybe...

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