• Meaning of Copper:
  • Gender: Male
  • Category: Cute
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i love this name cause i have a dog with this name and he's been the best for 9 years now.


copper sounds
like a good name for a male goat and i'm calling my goat that


Over a span of 30 years we had two dogs named Copper. They were magnificient animals. One German Shepherd, the other German Shepherd - Lab. Both incredibly intelligent, never ran, self feeders and alw

amanda tierney

I am getting a ferret so I will name him copper


This my dogs name and I think it's a great name and it totally fits him


My best friends dogs name is Cooper and I love the name!!!!


Copper is the name of the dog in Fox and Hound, best Disney movie :)


Omg i love this name i named my baby beared dragon this he is my best friend ever.


I have a pet named copper he is the best

Your Face

Your face says that copper dosent fit anyone, its a type of metal thats used to make coins such as pennies. copper ( NOT COOPER) is the name of one of the guard dogs on animal crossing, so yes its very common thats probably why theres 10 comments now.


Yes it's worthwhile and your time too if you doit prpelroy.. Canadian Tire will advise you! I Voluteered once for Habitat for Humanity. I didn't do much just some of the Bricklaying! A friend of mine did recover some copper plumbing. She worked at Canadian Tire and Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity too!


Calling my new baby guinea pig that :)


I don't remember the exact reutcdion potentials, but I'm pretty sure the zinc will get oxidized, and the copper nail will be providing electrons to protons (H+ from the acidic lemon), causing them to form hydrogen gas. I would look it up, though, because that's just a rough guess.

no name

i think copper is a great name next hamster i get will be named this well if it is a boy


I think Copper's a great name. I have a wonderful friend who has an ever-so-cute multese that's named Copper. :)it really fits him.


i think you guys think it says cooper not copper

felicia laeson

i am geting a chinchilla next month i was going to get it today but i had to go shoping for food, but when i get the chinchilla i am going to name it coper.

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