• Meaning of Pandora: Pandora means: *the first woman; created by Hephaestus on orders from Zeus who presented her to Epimetheus along with a box filled with evil.
  • Gender: Female
  • Animal: Ferret
  • Category: Cute, Cool, Unique, Unusual
Average: 3.7 (868 votes)

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This name is very cute and I would use it for a ferret, hamster, or rabbit. I personally think that it would be best for a rabbit though.

blaber shamagen

Wow. That name is #1!!!


Cute name! WOAH! Too bad I'm getting a boy guinea pig.........


great name! i would totally rcomend this one its the best!
it sounds super cool


i am gettin a girl guinea pig and I think this is the perfect name!!!!


definataly a rabbit name! im geting a girl rabbit and its going to be a white mini lop and im going to call it pandora because pandoa is the best rabbit name in th whole world!!!!!!!!!!
hey my names Rachel too haha coinsidence huh
and i agree this name is super super coooolllll!!! <3 <3


This is the name I am giving my new female Python.


That name is so cool


I love this name. I thought it was rare until I got my second one and was looking up names for her. I love it and so did my company that met her.


Does anyone think this would be good for a female goat? xD


Any name is good for what you want. It's up to you and no one else.


I love that name i would love it


This name is super cute <3 but does it occur to anyone else that Pandora is the name of an app? Otherwise, this name is very very very cute im like fangirling right now. I will name my cat Pandora


best name! luv this website! They have the cutest names!


I named my dog this name about 2 years ago because she was my little box of evil.


ANOTHER Rachel!! :( my pet hamster died in Star, she was very cheeky. This name is going to be reserved in the list for my next pet!!!! :( XD

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