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this name should be for a boy not a girl


Whoever thinks this name is just for one gender needs to think.


This name is for a male.


You have got to love this name. It's perfect for any pet that likes to follow you or another person or animal. It also works it your cat is a black or a gray color.


This names is awesome


Shadow can be a both gender name. To me shadow can mean sly, shy, fallower, it could mean dark night or silent ninga,

lewis lover its rachel

cool my bro likes it
yeah it great...uh no...:(


yeah its cool well my brother likes it so yeah its great...............uh no not really!:(


I love this name for a girl and boy


My dogs name is Shadow, i love it


This name sounds MYSTERIOUS cause shadow is like a mysterious black creature hanging on your feet and it is following you. Don't you think it is mysterious? I just love mysterious things because I like to pretend sometimes I am a detective searching for mysteries, clues, tracks, and notes. Do you like to pretend?

P.S. Try to guess my name. mysterious, huh?


I'm Naming My Gecko Shadow I Love it

Willliam LaSalle

This is a boy name for a grey or black animal.

Willliam LaSalle

P.S. Your name is Sam.

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