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Yakone is an Alaskan name (my girl got that 3 years ago) being part red husky and part kelpie, it fits ehr beautifully.


The language of origin is Ahtna Athabascan, which really isn't Eskimo (Inuit which is up on the north slope versus the Interior tribes of Ahtna). As a metaphor it can mean blood spray on the snow


Very powerful name. Great name for a Husky to stick to their origins. Especially great if he/she is red!


cool name
it's so cool


My understanding is that it is the Athabascan word red aurora borealis. I named my Husky/Rough Sable Collie Yakone. It is very fitting for a beautiful, red dog with very wild tendencies:)


I like the names they are pretty cool but I would add these boy names as well MR. Jumper, Pebble, Rollo, Dan, Jerry, Hoppy, Eddie. Hope you liked he names I told you! Reply back PLEASE!!!!!!and nice COMMENTS!!!! bye!!!!


Seekers! That is the name of a bear in the series seekers series. He is named yakone because his coat has a reddish tinge to it I love seekers , my friends love seekers and you might too try them!

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