• Meaning of Alice: Of the nobility. Variant of the old French Adeliz which is a form of Adelaide.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: English
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i LUV the name alice it sound so pretty and elegant


Cute cat name


I think this name ios very great, amazing and awesome. The meaning is very discripted. you did a well job of thinking of this name.


I might get a chinchilla for my b-day and i was wondering what i could name her...CAN U HELP?


my name is pronounced diffrent but spelled the same. thats why
i like that name , thanks i love YOUR site ;)


My little tuxedo cat is named Alice-- I have had her for about 15 years, but I think that the name is becoming more common for pets. Alice is a good name for a particularly sweet cat.


Im not calling my dog that but im naming my hamster


So cute name

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