• Meaning of Artemis:
  • Origin: Greek
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Cosmic Falcon

I think as a bird pet name 'Artemis' has an exotic appeal to it. Artemis has a male gender ring to it whereas Artemisia (a derrivation) has a female gender ring to it.
Artemis is the name of the daug


what is the meaning


Artemis is a Greek goddess. She was most well known as the Goddess of the Hunt.


a name for any male pets.


u guys no nothing Artemis is the greek goddess of the moon owls and the hunt. hint hint GODDESS!!!!!!!


i have to agree with duke


Artemis was a Greek God of single mothers and women. She vowed to never marry. Later she became the Goddess of night.


She wasn't the goddess of she's the goddess of the moon (succeeding Selene).
The goddess of night is Nyx


"She wasn't the goddess of"
I meant to say she's not the goddess of night


It's the name of a Greek Goddess so yes it is a female name. But it has been used for a male name in books so could be used for either.

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