• Meaning of Hannah: Favor: grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Hebrew
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hannah is not a male name that's my name and i'm a female! "Hannah Montana"


my name is hannah too and its a girls name and its in the bible too haaa beet that ever read books?!


I think that us not a guys name. Hanoh is a guys name though


Hannah is a girls name im with the other Hannahs


I do not think the gender of any person decides any name it does not matter boy girl dog cat i think that this web site should say by each name that is a boy or girl , male or female name


My name is Hannah and I am a female. Honestly, it's kind of offensive that this website thinks it's a male name. I know Hannah is spelled Hanna too, but that doesn't mean Hannah is a boy name.


its saying that it is a female name but its just a cow. If you look at the sign it is in pink.

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